Lacey is creative, patient and fun. She is very attuned to the personality of our young son and the level he is at, while also gently pushing and encouraging him to do more. We are especially impressed when we see her work with organic moments that come up spontaneously and unexpectedly. Our son has been drawn to rhythm since he was born and we are confident that Lacey is growing his skills, abilities and passions.

~ Paula (Parent)

Lacey has been an inspiration to our son, and has helped light a fire in our son for all things music.   She is a kind and dedicated musician, and provides an outlet of cooperation and learning for other students  by hosting various” jam” sessions with  through out the year. 

~ Susan (Parent)

Lacey is the most patient person i have ever met. she is so so so passionate about music and teaching. i love her energy and fun. 

~ Emma May (Student)

When I first came to Lacey for guitar lessons, I knew a few chords, but I could not for the life of me switch between them in any fashion that would produce an actual song.  Lacey would play songs along with me in such a way that I would gain confidence as each lesson progressed.  After a few months of lessons and reasonably dedicated practice on my part, I was able to play through several different songs without stopping!  I was actually playing the guitar!  I am fortunate enough to get to jam along side Lacey once or twice a month as we lead songs for others to sing along with at a local church.  Her tutelage has allowed me to even lead songs all on my own – playing the guitar and singing at the same time!  I can safely say that Lacey has made me into the guitar player I am today.  She is an amazingly patient and kind instructor who also knows how to push her students just hard enough to get them to that next level.  I whole-heatedly recommend her as your next music instructor, be it for guitar, percussion, or general music-making.  

~ Ryan (Student)